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Friends of Clay County Animals, Inc.

raising funds to save the lives of medically needy shelter animals

Who We Are & Our Mission



Friends of Clay County Animals, Inc. (FOCCA) was formed by a small group of dedicated volunteers.  We are unpaid volunteers, serving our community on our personal time.  This is not our job; it is our passion.


Our mission is fundraising for the medically needy animals in Clay County. 


Through raised funds and donations, FOCCA is able to pay for medical care beyond the basic vetting that is provided by the shelter. Thus, animals that are sick, heart worm positive, or in need of surgery, are able to receive the proper veterinarian care, enabling them to become healthy and adoptable. Without our efforts the most vulnerable in our county shelter system would be euthanized.  We have also used donated money to purchase medical equipment, dog beds, and other supplies as necessary to enrich the shelter environment for the animals.


Another focus is educating our community about responsible pet ownership. 


All dogs and cats need yearly examinations and vaccinations by a veterinarian to maintain optimum health. Oral heart worm preventative is a must, without exception, every month.  This can only be obtained with a prescription from your vet.  Heart worms are fatal to your animal and can be easily prevented.  Once contracted, they are very costly to eradicate, while endangering the health of your pet. Flea and tick medicine is also advised.  


Be responsible for the life you bring into your home.  Pets are family members and deserve training and respectful interaction to reach their full enjoyable potential.  FOCCA adamantly believes pets deserve forever homes; they are a lifetime commitment.  


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